Weather is atta…

“Weather is attacking”- Chris Hayes, MSNBC, All in with Chris Hayes, June 6, 2013

As we have seen throughout the States extreme weather is upon us. Jupiter in Gemini gives gusts to Wind. Pluto is in the Earth sign of Capricorn with a longterm square aspect to Uranus in Aries, a fire sign. So we have heavy winds, EF5 tornados, scorched earth, wild fires, tropical storms with the corresponding massive change to our earth.

Today we are having the ending of the Moon in an Earth sign moving into the sign Gemini. Tomorrow, Friday, June 7, 2013, it(the Moon) will be moving towards one planet, Mars and one Asteroid, Pallas Athene and then the three will square Neptune in the sign of Pisces, a water sign. [Yes, you guessed it all four elements are currently highlighted making this period in time memorable.] [Also I should mention if you look at the sky tonight and tomorrow night, you will see these together in the sky; however they will not be perfectly aligned due to the North or South inclinations.]This will produce large gusts of wind catapulting waves of water or air over the lands and seas. In other words, more of the same events we have seen previously these past weeks. But it’s potency will weaken briefly as the New moon is set for Saturday, June 8th, 2013 at 10:56 AM,CDT.

As I finish this blog, the Moon will move into Gemini. The movements occur at 8:45 AM, 9:22AM, and 10:33 PM. but for an individual’s event it would be timed to their Natal Chart. Friday is a day of deception, arguments, love declarations and losing feminine battles. Towards the evening there is a change of heart…Sleep on It. And the morning will start ANEW. Saturday shows requests gone unanswered. The Saturday movements finishes with an exclamation mark to the quote from Cool Hand Luke,”What we have here is a Failure to Communicate!”[while outside the weather is raging.]

Sunday- Weave all the emotion you want and need as this is the start of something wonderful in the Astral realm. Know your feelings, journal your feelings, own your feelings, and express them. as this will create a new opening as the year progresses. Time to set up the boundaries in relationships. However, the Astral realm can leave permanent marks so only positive feelings should be expressed. Remember exploring your feelings through observation is best so you do not carry them forward. Stay in the Now and Enjoy. Blessings, Mystic Janet

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