Understanding September 2015

September opening with the values, beauty, creative development in review. It begins it’s forward cycle on Sept. 6th; On Sept. 12th, we have a new moon which will be for development of intense perfection. However, it is stunted. There is something big in the air and it has been going on for a while, and yet we think we can start anew. We want to make that change but we can’t. There is not enough energy; the energy is hardened, it is heavy; it is dull; we want fire and enthusiasm but it’s just not there. We instinctively know there is going to be a fire and we need to move. [This article is written for CDT, so if you’re West it will be later; if East earlier..]

On Sept. 17th, our minds say “what were we going to do?” I forgot; oh have to do it right away now. Stop and think it all through if something is not materializing then it’s the wrong time, plain and simple. By the 23rd, it is time to meditate on what could be but leave it in the dream state as it will surface later for completion.

However, the 21st starts a very omnious time; it maybe what you feared; or maybe this is what they have been programming you for all along. Remember that. It’s been the propaganda that you thought you didn’t listen to or didn’t think it was possible that is starting to materialize. It’s there you can feel it today. And it is a nasty one. (this is why everyone has left over the last years and then in the last month more have moved on; sometimes leaving everything behind because they knew it would be better than staying behind.)

The 22nd is the massive False Flag which will be immediately disseminated and seen for what it is. And various authors will explain the benefits. and there will be a calm. During the calm on the 23rd it is time to dream; what do you want your world to look like. You may note it anyway you wish. Just tuck away for later reference. You may want to make the bullet points for accomplishing. Not detailed just in general. Think about it like you need to go to the store. You make a list, you get your purse with money, you find your car keys, you start the car and you go to the store and get the list. NOT what is on the list or where your keys might be or how much money to take. just a general outline. plan get go.

ON the 24th the propaganda gets thicker and thicker; they are working the masses; making them think how bad this is, turn in your neighbor, they will shot at will if you are in their way; turn off the TV! Read your Good Book; listen to a spiritual show; whatever makes you know that humanity is basically good. And if you feel the need make a list of how you will know if your fellow brother/sister is good.

Late 24th or early 25th, another horrific event; shock and awe as one dumbo would say. Somehow they will try to pick apart any philosophical possibility you may entertain… this is very sketchy for me…sorry. Then the third nasty happens and they complete the Fear Sphere.

Late 28th and 29th day is good to remind yourself of your dream. And the 29th has you looking at the confusion that was caused, although not all is known and seen yet for what it truly is..that will come through the month of October.

Others have broadcast their renditions, “Shametah exposed” as there are other outlets from alternative news to YouTube videos. But this is what I have sensed. It started with hearing they will do a “Hail Mary”…meaning a whole bunch of events. Like the finale at a fireworks show.

This whole last week is detail of you surviving, take each item and do it well; you may not see the foundation you are creating but it will show eventually and is not important now. Now is that is the step has to be done. It is survival time.

Now as I write this it is prep time; time to have water, medical supplies, and food; anything for protection from bad air or people would be helpful. Can you count on your neighbors to help or hinder?
Remember it’s 3 minutes for air, three hours for body heat, 3 days for water and 3 weeks for food.
Blessings, MJ

Postscript:  See “For your convenience” for meditation and dream times for the betterment of humanity.