Now is the time for all good Full Moons to stand up and be counted! This particular Full Moon is in Gemini at 11 degrees 40 minutes and is considered a SuperMoon; a Super Moon is one that looks larger in the sky to us due to its close location to Earth.

As we continue to see an unveiling of the Special Prosecutor’s research and evidence, the communication will have a hiatus for awhile; This will be due to the retrogradation of Mercury, who appears to start moving backwards in the sky from our perspective. Which personally, I say oh, Pooh! do we really have to wait ever longer? But getting one’s ducks in a row is the most important. So let us just be glad that there will be an end to this assuming Madness!

I have had particular problems with the corruption and immorality in all aspects of life and can feel somewhat disheartened. But with a little luck and people’s attention…Maybe more people will wake up. It is time to allow compassion towards all those who were so opinionated and spoke up for disassembling of a beneficial mankind. Nothing is as it appears and they do that intentionally! Please Believe me. Why? It goes to the big G!

Those of you who think all is matter, please think again. It is the invisible that is important; just ask your dreams sometime and see what they show you. Better yet, take the time to meditate and get in tune with your soul.

Blessings for this December 2017 Full Moon. MJ